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Covid-19 Update - Important notice for customers attending an NDLS centre click here


Attending an NDLS Centre – You must book an appointment

Because of Covid-19 measures, a walk in service is no longer available. All appointments to attend an NDLS centre must be booked online, you can book an appointment here. Before you book an appointment check whether you are eligible to apply online. You should also check if the expiry date of your licence or learner permit has been extended before making an appointment. See below for more information.
Please note: NDLS can only accept debit/credit card payments and GooglePay/Apple Pay. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash, cheques or postal order payments.

An Garda Siochana and the Road Safety Authority (RSA) would like make the public aware of a scam which has been reported to Gardaí.

A fraudulent Facebook page purposing to be the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) is inviting people to contact them via WhatsApp to apply for or renew their driving licence. They are then seeking payment of over €200.

This is a scam to part people with their money. The NDLS does not have any official social media pages. The only way to contact the NDLS is through the official RSA social media pages or online through www.rsa.ieor

This fraudulent page has been reported to Facebook to be removed. Investigations are ongoing.

Ref. PR12958/2020

Note to editor: An Garda Siochana is not putting forward a spokesperson on this matter at this time. Images demonstrating this scam can be found on our social media channels -

Issued by Colin Heeney on 12/04/2020 16:49:24


The EU has agreed a Brexit extension that will see the UK leave the EU on 31 January 2020 (or an earlier date if mutually agreed). If the UK leave without a deal a UK/NI driving licence held by an Irish resident will not be valid to drive here. Because of this uncertainty the advice of the RSA is that holders of such licences resident here should exchange their UK/NI licence for an Irish one.

If the UK leaves the EU with a deal, then under the arrangements currently being considered, UK/NI driving licences will continue to be valid in the same way as they are today up to 31 December 2020- the end of the transition period.

If you do not submit your original UK/NI licence with your exchange application the NDLS will be unable to validate your application without significant delays. If you are submitting a Letter of Entitlement in place of a lost or expired licence you may be required to provide further verification from the DVLA in the UK.

To exchange your UK licence you must complete a licence application form and present this, the correct fee and your UK licence at any NDLS centre. You can make an appointment online at to attend any of our 36 NDLS centres. No walk-in service will be available.

For further information on how to exchange a UK or Northern Ireland driving licence please click here

On 21 January 2019 the RSA are introducing a shorter EDT programme for foreign license holders whose full license from another country (jurisdiction) with which Ireland does not have an exchange agreement may qualify for exemption from EDT lessons 2,3,4,8,11 and 12. Currently these customers must start the driver journey at theory test level and can only apply for a six month hold exemption.

Whilst the EDT Shortening is a new initiative within the RSA, there is currently a process in operation which allows these candidate claim an exemption from the 6 months wait to sit a driving test. To qualify for EDT shortened program the applicant must hold a valid full driving licence for at least two years prior to application and will have to submit their full foreign licence and a Letter of Entitlement from the issuing authority of their foreign licence.


From 1 August 2017 drivers with an Irish licence who are disqualified from driving in the UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) for certain road traffic offences will have their disqualifications recognised and applied in the Republic of Ireland. UK licence holders who are disqualified in the UK but are resident in the Republic will also have the disqualification applied here in the Republic.

Similarly, drivers who hold a UK drivers licence that are disqualified by Irish courts will have their disqualifications recognised in the UK. The initiative known as Mutual Recognition of Driving Disqualifications covers specific traffic offences committed on or after 1 August 2017. The purpose behind the initiative is to keep dangerous drivers off our roads and to make our roads safer.

From 17June 2017 any person sitting the Driver Theory Test will be required to present a Public Services Card at the Test Centre as proof of ID. At the time of booking the test, applicants will be asked to confirm that they possess a public services card.

In the test centre, the only acceptable form of ID will be the Public Services Card. The card will be used to verify name, PPS number and identity of the person attending for the test. Applicants will need to ensure that the spelling of the name in which they book their test matches exactly the spelling of their name on the card.

After the close of business at 2pm, Saturday the 20th of February the NDLS Carlow centre will move premises. The new address will be Unit 1, Ground Floor, Graigue Village Centre, Co. Carlow.
The new centre will open on Monday morning at 9am and expects to be fully operation from that time. There will be signage in place at the old unit to advise customers of the new location downstairs.

From 5 June 2015 there will be changes that will, in some cases, affect the length of time driving licences and learner permits are valid for.

An example will explain the change- before 5 June 2015 a driver who applied to renew a ten year licence two months in advance of the existing one expiring got a new licence that lasted for ten years and two months from the issue date of the new licence.

From 5 June 2015 the person in the example will get a licence for ten years from the date of issue of the new licence. This is to bring us into line with the way licences are issued in other EU countries. Drivers can still apply for a licence up to three months in advance of the expiry date of the licence.

The NDLS has confirmed that from Wednesday 18th February its service in Cavan has moved back to its permanent location in Unit 5 Cavan Shopping Centre, Cavan.


Please note the NDLS wishes to advise customer that due to technical reasons we are currently unable to take credit/debit card payments in any of the NDLS Centres. If you are attending an NDLS centre today, please ensure that you bring alternative payment e.g. cash, cheque, postal order or bank draft. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.