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Informing the NDLS about a medical condition

If, following consultation with your GP, your medical condition is one that must be notified to the NDLS, you will need to have a medical report form completed and make an application for a change of personal (medical) details. This can be done online or through any NDLS centre. For details on how to apply for change of medical details on a learner permit click here or a full licence click here.

Where a driver has been advised by their doctor that they should cease driving or that they cannot drive for at least six months, they should surrender their licence or learner permit to the RSA at the following address:

Medical Fitness - Driver Licensing, Road Safety Authority, Moy Valley Business Park, Primrose Hill, Dublin Road, Ballina, Co. Mayo

Please include a short cover note to say that you are surrendering the licence on medical grounds.

If they later intend to return to driving, they should discuss this with their doctor and then make an application to the NDLS for a change in personal (medical) details. This application must be accompanied by an up to date medical report form completed by their doctor confirming their fitness to drive.

Drivers should be aware that there may be long-term financial, insurance, legal and criminal consequences where there is failure to report a medical condition that may impact on their ability to drive safely to the NDLS and insurance provider

If you have more questions on this please email [email protected] or call 096 25000.