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What is a Letter of Entitlement/Driver Statement?

A letter of entitlement or driver statement is a copy of your driver record with details of name, address, date of birth, driver number, date of expiry of licence and class of licence including details of what that class refers to;

A letter of entitlement is required by NDLS when you wish to exchange your foreign licence and:

  • the foreign licence presented in NDLS is expired
  • the foreign licence is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • one or more categories on the foreign licence does not have a start date.

A letter of entitlement must be an original. A faxed, scanned or email copy is not acceptable. It can take a customer some time to receive original documents which can delay applications.

How to obtain a Driver Statement or Letter of Entitlement for an Irish Licence?

You will need to complete this Driver Statement Form and include your name as it appears on your learner permit or driving licence, Driver Number, Date of Birth, PPSN and whether you would like to receive it by email or post. No fee required.

Note: Information regarding a driver will not be sent to a third party, it can only issue to email or postal address associated with your driver record

How to obtain a Driver Statement or Letter of Entitlement (LOE) for a foreign licence?

You will need to contact the original licensing authority that issued your foreign licence.