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Period of Learner Permits and Driving Licences

Period of Learner Permit Permit Count
2 years First or second learner permit
2 years Third or subsequent learner permit - you must show evidence of failing a driving test in the previous two years
1 year Third or subsequent learner permit - you must show evidence of having applied for or having a forthcoming test date

Period of Driving Licence Licence Categories
10 years Group 1 - Motorcycles, Cars and Tractors
5 years Group 2 - Buses, Trucks and Articulated Vehicles

Your age and medical fitness will determine the duration of licence which can be issued.

Age Licence Term
Under 65 years Maximum* 10 year licence - Cars and Motorcycles or
Maximum* 5 year licence - Trucks and Buses
65 - 71 years A licence which will expire on the eve of your 75th birthday at the latest. However please note that any group 2 categories (trucks and buses) will be for a maximum of five years which could expire before the driver turns 75.
72 - 74 years 3 year licence
75 or over 3 year licence or 1 year licence (subject to certification of fitness to drive by your doctor)

*A one or three year licence may be issued where, for medical reasons, a longer licence term cannot be granted.

The age in question is your age on the date of application.