Do I Need to Submit an Eyesight Report Form? - National Driver Licence Service

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Do I need to submit an Eyesight Report Form?

All first-time applications for a learner permit must be accompanied by a satisfactory eyesight report which may be completed by a registered optometrist or medical practitioner. You must sign the eyesight report form in the presence of the optician or doctor. The completion date must be within one month of the date of application at an NDLS centre.

An eyesight report form is needed where you previously wore glasses/lenses and are no longer required to do so. It is also needed in certain cases when exchanging a licence from another country outside of the EU. Please ensure that the eyesight report is presented within one month of completion by the optician or doctor.

A driving licence eyesight report is not required where a medical report form is provided unless indicated by the Doctor. Driving Licence Medical Report and Eyesight Report forms can be downloaded here.