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Do I need to submit an Eyesight Report Form?

Where a driver is applying to renew their driving licence or learner permit or to exchange a driving licence from another European Union member state, they are not required to submit an eyesight report form unless they wish to remove a 01 notation (the requirement to wear corrective lenses when driving), for example after corrective eye surgery.

An eyesight report form is required with an application where a driver:

  • Is applying for their first learner permit
  • Is applying to exchange a driving licence issued by a non-EU country
  • Wishes to remove the 01 notation (Sight correction and/or protection)

Eyesight report forms must be signed by the applicant in the presence of the optometrist or the doctor completing the form. They should be submitted with an application for a driving licence or learner permit within one month of the date they were completed by the optometrist or doctor. Where a driver is required to submit a medical report form, a separate eyesight report form is not required unless indicated by your doctor.

Driving licence medical report form can be downloaded here

Driving licence eyesight report form can be downloaded here.