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Do I need to submit a Medical Report?

Your application must be accompanied by a medical report form if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are applying for a learner permit or driving licence in any of the C or D categories (bus and truck) C1, C, D1, D, C1E, CE, D1E or DE.
  • You suffer from certain medical conditions
  • You are aged 75 or over
  • Your current driving licence or learner permit includes the notation code 101 which indicates that renewal is subject to submission of a valid medical report
  • You have ever suffered from alcoholism
  • You have ever suffered from epilepsy
  • On a regular basis you are taking, drugs or medication which would be likely to make you an unsafe driver

A medical report form is required when applying for a driving licence or learner permit where the driver is aged 75 years and over or where the driving licence or learner permit they are renewing expires the day before their 75th birthday.

The Medical Report must be completed correctly by a registered medical practitioner and you must sign the declaration in their presence. It must be presented to the NDLS within one month of being signed by the medical practitioner. Please note the maximum term for higher categories on a full licence is 5 years.

Important notes:

  • Anyone suffering from serious arrhythmia which has at any stage resulted in a loss of consciousness should consult their doctor before applying for a licence.
  • Anyone dependent on or regularly abuses psychotropic substances is disqualified from holding any learner permit or driving licence. If you have any doubts about your physical or mental fitness to drive, you should consult a doctor.

Medical report and eyesight report forms may be obtained from your local NDLS centre or downloaded from this webpage. If you are downloading the Medical Report form, you must print it back to back.

If you have more questions on this please email [email protected] or call 096 25000.

If your query is in relation to the submission of a medical or eyesight report for a learner permit or licence application click here for further details.