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Covid-19 Update - Important notice for customers attending an NDLS centre click here

Coronavirus (COVID – 19) and NDLS services
Under Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid19, effective from midnight on Wednesday 21 October, for six weeks, the Government has classified some Road Safety Authority (RSA) services as essential services. Find out more here.

Verification of Identity

From the 9 April if you bring your Public Services Card (PSC) to the NDLS it will simplify your application process. An applicant will have two options to validate their identity and residency during the application process.

1. Presenting a PSC at the NDLS centre will simplify your application process as the PSC will satisfy the following requirements:

  • Photographic ID,     
  • Evidence of PPSN,
  • Evidence of address (where your address is as provided to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection DEASP)  and
  • Evidence of residency entitlement   (where your place of birth or nationality are within the European Union / European Economic Area/Switerland). 

2. If you do not have a PSC you are required to present documentation at NDLS centre to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Photographic ID,
  • Evidence of PPSN,
  • Evidence of address and
  • Evidence of residency entitlement. 

Note that possession of a public services card will enable applicants to renew their driving licence / learner permit online as part of a new online service that will be rolled out to customers in the coming months.

Please note that identity documents may be retained by the NDLS to enable the processing of your application. These documents will be returned to you by registered post once your licence/permit application has been approved. Please be advised that should the documents be returned undelivered to the NDLS it is the policy of the NDLS to retain these documents for a period of 2 months during which you can contact us to arrange return of your documents. Any documents which are unclaimed after 2 months will be securely destroyed. You must provide original identity documents; photocopies or laminated documents are not acceptable.