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You can also visit any NDLS Centre without an appointment

Please be aware that available slots for people walking in are on a first come first served basis and fill up very quickly. If you can't be seen due to high demand on the day, please return to this page to make an on-line booking. Alternatively you can visit the centre on another day. If you are attending an NDLS centre please ensure that you have a properly completed application form, that it is filled out in black ink and that you have all required supporting documents including proof of address and PPSN. Click here for list of required documentation.

You can make an online appointment for any of the 36 NDLS centres.

Please note: You are advised to attend 10 minutes in advance of your appointed time. The NDLS will endeavour to see you at your allocated slot, however we cannot guarantee you will be seen at the appointed time. This may be as a result of complex applications and high demand on the day.If you are late and miss your appointment you will have to join the walk in queue and wait to have your application processed.

There is no option to make an appointment over the phone and the NDLS Customer Call Centre can not arrange, cancel or reschedule on-line appointments. You don't have to apply in the one closest to home. Instead you can apply for your licence in any one of the NDLS centres nationwide.

To access the online booking service you will need a valid Irish driver number or valid PPS number and a valid email or mobile phone number to receive confirmation of your appointment.

You will be presented with a list of available times, up to four weeks in advance.

You will be able to cancel and reschedule your online appointment by reapplying using the same information any time after making the initial appointment up to two hours before the appointment.

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