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From 5 June 2015 there will be changes that will, in some cases, affect the length of time driving licences and learner permits are valid for.

An example will explain the change- before 5 June 2015 a driver who applied to renew a ten year licence two months in advance of the existing one expiring got a new licence that lasted for ten years and two months from the issue date of the new licence.

From 5 June 2015 the person in the example will get a licence for ten years from the date of issue of the new licence. This is to bring us into line with the way licences are issued in other EU countries. Drivers can still apply for a licence up to three months in advance of the expiry date of the licence.

 Another change that applies from 5 June 2015 is that your licence will, in the vast majority of cases, be returned to the customer at the NDLS centre on making an application for a new licence.

There will be some exceptions, licences that are damaged or licences issued by another countries being exchanged will continue to be retained.