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On 21 January 2019 the RSA are introducing a shorter EDT programme for foreign license holders whose full license from another country (jurisdiction) with which Ireland does not have an exchange agreement may qualify for exemption from EDT lessons 2,3,4,8,11 and 12. Currently these customers must start the driver journey at theory test level and can only apply for a six month hold exemption.

Whilst the EDT Shortening is a new initiative within the RSA, there is currently a process in operation which allows these candidate claim an exemption from the 6 months wait to sit a driving test. To qualify for EDT shortened program the applicant must hold a valid full driving licence for at least two years prior to application and will have to submit their full foreign licence and a Letter of Entitlement from the issuing authority of their foreign licence.

For more information on EDT shortened program please click here and for an application form to apply for EDT shortened program please click here. Further information on EDT and EDT shortened program please click here.